Mulch Film
Mulch Film are stretchable and highly flexible sheets that are made up of non-toxic thermoplastic materials that make them suitable for various types of crops. These sheets can be delivered to our clients in bulk at a low price range.
Crop Cover
We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of top-quality Crop Cover for the safety of plants and vegetation from pollutants and germs present within the surrounding. Get these non-toxic sheets from our company at a reasonable and low price range. 
Shade Net offered by us can be used in the construction of protective roofs over plants and crops to ensure higher safety from sunlight and ultraviolet rays. These green-colored foldable sheds are capable to bear harsh climatic conditions that result in longer service life. 
Vermi Bed manufactured and supplied by us are commonly used in farming and greenhouse applications to grow various types of plants and crops in artificial conditions. They are made up of top-grade light to medium density polyethylene that makes them highly durable and tear-resistant. 
We are a renowned manufacturer of Grow Bag that can be delivered to our customers in various shapes and sizes to grow veggies. These can be used in farming, gardening, and greenhouse applications due to their lightweight and high durability. 
Agri Wire
Growit is one of the best manufacturers of highly tensile Agri Wire made up of non-toxic thermoplastic materials that make them highly stretchable and abrasion-resistant. Buy from us these safety products in bulk at a low price range. 
Our team of highly motivated and skilled engineers deals in the manufacturing of heavy-duty Mulch Laying Machine that makes it easier to lay mulch films over large farming lands. These machines greatly reduce the working time as well as labor cost which results in high working efficiency.

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